You feel preparing for exams is easy if you plan accordingly from day 1 and you’ll find joyful results. But you always end up being mediocre (Give your average efforts) and feel demotivated yourself. Due to this, you even lose the most important thing you already have, that is Time.
At the last minute, we all tend to switch our brains from the chill phase to the stressful phase and end being mediocre with not-so-good results. And when we fail at the first step, we also fail to take the second step and try again as we are already demotivated from our results in the first step. If you feel the same, you’ve arrived at the right place, and please do continue reading. We’ll tell exactly where you’re making a mistake and help you go from the medium minimum guy to a pro in every task you.
Let’s trace back to where we all start that is from day 1. The first step we all do is planning. Now just imagine, if our planning is perfect and realistic, why would we fail and not get the results that we expect? We would be already halfway through our goals if our planning is right and realistic. So plan in such a way that you feel it’s easy to accomplish day-to-day tasks and also make sure you enjoy every task you plan and execute. Doing a task for half an hour is better than doing the same for 2 hours. Both accomplish the same task but why do you have to use an ax if you could just do it by your fingernail. Perfect Planning is already half work completed and for the rest you just have to stick to your plan and go with the flow.